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Telescoping CoversTelescoping Covers

AKDQ or stainless steel are the best solution when hot oils, coolants, metal chips and heavy material removal are present in the machining environment.

BUWW can provide covers for horizontal, vertical and crossrail mounting. Covers are designed for traversing speeds of up to 30 meters/minute.

All heavy covers have friction-reducing bearings or rollers to facilitate easy movement and prolong cover life.

BUWW has all wiper styles available to ensure a clean wipe for any application.

Walk-on type covers can be supplied upon request.

Important Cover Features:

  • High-strength AKDQ or stainless steel construction. Walk-on type covers can be supplied upon request.
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane or synthetic rubber wipers clean the cover and keep fluids and debris out.
  • Steel casings over the wipers can be used to protect wiper lip for longer life.
  • Wrap around construction assists in the alignment of individual cover Telescoping Coversboxes and provides proper pre-load to wipers.
  • Rollers are used on large covers to aid smooth, dependable operation.
  • Rollers and guides support the covers and assist opening and closing during cover cycling.
  • Way guides are brass or plastic pieces used on small to medium size telescoping covers to reduce friction and support the covers.
  • Side brass is a guide that acts as a wear strip between boxes and also extends cover life.
  • Lifting supports are provided on large covers for easier handling.
  • Way extensions extend the machine ways and provide support for the cover to maximize machine travel.
  • Mounting flange secures the cover to the machine to assure proper alignment for cover cycling.
  • Scissors mechanisms force boxes to move together for smooth cycling on high-speed machines.
  • Rubber shock absorbing bumpers are used to reduce noise on high speed covers.

Custom EnclosuresCustom Enclosures

BUWW custom enclosures are engineered to our customer's specifications. Our proven design provides friction free doors hydraulically, pneumatically, or manually operated.
The doors are built with linear rail design or conventional roller design based on our
customer's requirements.

After taking into consideration the rigidity of the machine, the hinges, locks and fasteners are specially designed per our customer's specifications.

In addition, we have capabilities to provide an ergonomic design, soundproof walls, lighting and provisions for hydraulic hoses and electrical ductwork.

BUWW can provide many options, such as, cable runs, backwards compatibility, special holes, floor mounting, 2" or 4" acoustic panels, lighting fixtures, mist collection, various sizes, materials and finishes. Our enclosures are engineered with a small foot print and a large mounting space.



BUWW BellowsBUWW offers bellows for machine locations that will not have heavy chip exposure, but still need to protect the sensitive components of the machine. Bellows offer protection from contaminates while applying little resistance to the machine's movement. Metal plates can be attached to the bellows if exposed to a light chip environment.

Fabric bellows are produced with the highest quality material available. For a given application, bellows can be configured for specific requirements.

BUWW BellowsBUWW BellowsBellows can be mounted horizontally, vertically or in a cross-rail direction to complete the protection of your machine. Typical machine types that use bellows are: laser cutters, plasma cutters, water jet, measuring machines, lift tables, milling machines, and lathes.

Spiral Springs

Spiral Springs

BUWW Spiral Springs are used for protection against swarf, dust and liquids. Spiral Springs are more compact than way covers and more durable than bellows.

  • Spiral Springs
  • Withstand high temperatures
  • Resist chemicals
  • When properly installed are self-sealing
  • Cyclical function makes them self-cleaning
  • Available in polished blue spring steel or stainless spring steel
  • Retrofit mounting is available


 Spiral Springs


Roller Covers

Effective protection when space is limited.

Fabric Apron Roller CoverFabric Apron Covers

  • safe protection against swarf, oil and emulsions
  • particularly well suited for high linear speeds due to low weight
  • small space requirements
  • special materials available for specific application

Spring Steel Rollers Spring Steel Rollers

  • very good protection against swarf, oil and emulsion
  • spring band steel resistant to corrosion and acid
  • designed for high linear speeds and higher mechanical loads

Flexible Link Cover Systems

  • Flexible Link Cover Systemsstrong, flexible covering system
  • easy installation
  • small space requirements
  • long service life
  • ideal alternative to heavy steel covers



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