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Manual Clamps

Application areas for manual clamps include clamping during the assembling, drilling, testing, gluing and locking of covers, and much more. The horizontal clamp is distinguished by the low profile of the clamping arm in the clamped position. Due to its minimum overall height, the horizontal clamp is especially suitable for installation in con fined spaces.

Basic product features:

  • In the clamped position, the handle is horizontal (minimum overall height)
  • Horizontal clamp opening angles range from 90° to 105°
  • Horizontal clamps are offered with U-shaped and solid clamping bars
  • Horizontal clamps have a straight or flanged base and above.

Manual Clamp

Manual Clamp

Pneumatic ClampPneumatic Workholding Devices

DE-STA-CO’s line of Pneumatic Swing/Pull Clamps is designed for applications not requiring hydraulic power. The fast acting DE-STA-CO clamp can generate 50 to 430 pounds of clamping force from shop air. DE-STA-CO pneumatic clamps are ideal for a wide variety of manufacturing and assembly operations.

Note: All items supplied with 90º arm swing. Other arm swings are available upon request.

Features include:

  • Four (4) styles of arms
  • Pneumatic ClampsDouble-locked arm design is bolted to piston shaft and around shaft diameter for extra rigidity
  • Double-acting design
  • Dual-seal design with a wiper seal to keep contaminants out
  • Long clamping stroke accommodates a wide thickness of materials
  • Clamping force is adjustable using regulated air
  • Smooth swing motion for better operating performance
  • Clamps supplied without arms

Hydraulic WorkholdingHydraulic Swing-Pull Clamps


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