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Durable, dependable dovetail slides

Dovetail SlidesWay surfaces can be either milled or scraped.

  • Both base and saddle made of close-grained cast iron of 30,000 P.S.I. minimum tensile

Available in:

  • Low profile - L
  • High profile - H
  • Cylinder powered - CP
  • Dovetail cavity - DC (DC-4 to DC-20 have a valley to accommodate drive systems)

Hardened Way SlidesHardened way slides

A high-duty cycle slide

  • Eight sizes: 5" to 32" wide
  • Six sizes of metric hardened way slides
  • Hardened steel rails
  • Low friction bearing material
  • Straight strip gib
  • Librication fittings
  • Way wipers (standard)

Special applications may require a special module to fit your unique requirements. Engineers at Gilman USA llc have years of experience fitting modules to the most challenging applications. For information on special applications, please contact Gilman USA sales engineering for personalized assistance.

Linear Guide SlidesLinear guide slides

  • Heavy duty recirculating roller or ball guides with more rigid design, extra load capacity and stiffness
  • Smooth and extremely accurate positioning performance
  • Uniform and low coefficient of friction allows use of smaller drives
  • Used for high-precision, high-speed applications
  • High-speed drives
  • Preloaded bearings

Built-to-order for smooth, fast and extremely accurate positioning

Linear guide slides are designed for precise low friction linear movement. These slides can receive loads in any direction and achieve linear movement with extremely high accuracy while providing exceptionally smooth operation. They are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications such as CNC- and laser-machining centers, drilling machines, grinding machines, material handling equipment, industrial robots, medical and optical equipment and other instruments and devices.

Integral Motorized SpindlesGilman USA spindles

A complete systems approach to motorized spindles for milling, boring and grinding

  • A drop-in unit that replaces other major brands with a more powerful, liquid cooled (TELC) motor. TENV is available.
  • Embedded thermistor motor protection senses overheating conditions before serious damage occurs.
  • System components; spindle, variable speed AC drive and spindle cooling chiller/circulator have been matched for optimal compatibility. The variable speed drive programming has been optimized for each motor size.
  • MT spindles, like all Gilman USA spindles, achieve their accuracy through precise manufacturing of each component in the assembly, not by grinding the assembled spindle into spec.
  • HP at Max RPM is S1-100% Duty Cycle Rating (24/7/365)

Spindle Service and RepairSpindle Repair

As a world leader in bearing production, Gilman USA operates in more than 5000 Machine Tools worldwide.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of high precision bearing technology and of spindle engineering, Gilman USA has developed the expertise for reconditioning machine tool spindles of all types used in a wide range of applications and industries.

Gilman USA is reconditioning and upgrading more than 6000 spindles yearly in its state of the art Service Centers.

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