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Hause Power Feed Units

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Hydraulic Drilling Units

Heavy-duty power feed units rugged enough to withstand the harshest of environments. These units are available with high-torque spindles and use hydraulic thrust for the most demanding of applications.

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Air Hydraulic Drilling Units

Fully customizable end-working units can be used in almost any application. Thousands of options including dual feed for drill-tapping or drill-reaming, skip feed, retract feed, spindle support for heavy tools, gear reductions and yoke operators. These are the highest quality power feed units and come complete with a (5) year limited warranty.

  • 2", 4", 6" or 10" 
  • Up to 7500 RPM
  • Pressure Compensating Feed Valves
  • Positive stop is concentric to spindle centerline
  • 0" to 10" stroke and 0" to 10" of feed
  • Digital readout stroke control
  • Rapid advance and retract available
  • Up to 5 HP
Air Hydraulic Drilling Unit

Power Feed Units

Hause Machines offers power feed units for a variety of machining applications including: drilling, reaming, tapping, threading, facing, chamfering, thread rolling, boring and counterboring. Machined materials include steel, aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, wood, plastics, glass and a range of others. Extensive testing assures customers many years of high-quality machining and trouble-free unit life.
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Lead Screw Tapping Units

Off-the-shelf units range up to 2" diameter tapping in steel. These units can run either vertical or horizontal, and a (1) year warranty is available. Fully customizable units have easily changed lead screws, step-pulleys and gear reductions options. A 5-year limited warranty is available.
 Lead Screw Tapping Units

Servo Controlled Ballscrew Units

Reprogram with the touch of a button. It's the latest in servo technology. No more setting switches for peck drilling, no more changing lead screws when changing tap sizes. We offer a complete control package for these units.

  • Up to 4500# of thrust
  • Up to 35 IPS rapid travel speeds
  • Programmable for almost any application
  • Peck feed, drap, tap, drill, ream, skip feed, etc.
  • AC, DC and Servo motor available on the spindle motor

 Servo Controlled Ballscrew Units 

Hause Machines


Hause engineers have years of automation expertise that they put to use in fulfilling your specific requirements. Whether the need is for a simple automatic magazine-loaded part, a magazine-fed pick-and-place system or a complete robot interface and load set up, we've got it covered.


Hause can fixture your toughest part. Our fixtures range in complexity from a very basic hand-clamped fixture to sophisticated air or hydraulic-clamped fixtures. We can also design and fabricate a wide range of special fixturing for your existing machines.

Hause Machines

Hause Systems and Components

  • Built to customer specifications
  • Utilize any brand of components
  • Set up and try out on our floor and yours
  • Qualified service and system technicians
  • Servo and CNC controls
  • Adherence to all safety regulations
  • Shielding from splash to dry floor
  • Machines painted to your color specs
Hause Machines


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