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technifor permanent marking solutions

Permanent Marking Solutions

Technifor is the world's first manufacturer of Micro-Percussion Direct Part Marking machines for quality control, automatic identification and permanent traceability for metallic or plastic parts. With over 40,000 machines installed worldwide, Technifor is a proven global supplier of industrial marking equipment and verification solutions for both in-line, stand-alone and mobile applications. Around the world our ISO9001 - v2008 technical teams install and maintain our Micro-Percussion, scribing or Laser systems for OEM, system integrators and factory floor in a variety of industries.

Products Marking Technology
A permanent marking solution close to your application. No marking projects are the same to permanently identify its component, part or products. Selecting the best direct marking technology for the application is critical to achieving success. Since each technology has its own advantages and limitations, we offer you a first a view of what could be a first level of selection based on 5 major marking criteria: speed, quality, depth of marking with their own level of noise and investment. Technifor sample department is waiting for your parts to validate the quality and marking performance of our marking machines on your parts.

Technifor Laser Machines

Laser Machines

It is easier and easier to see the laser process with the multiplication of the laser marking applications into our environment. A Laser mark gives many advantages like : precision thanks to the (highly focussed spot size) laser beam, speed with the capacity of the galvanometric heads, and contrast due to high optical power. All TECHNIFOR Lasers have in common a Central Control Unit giving an open connectivity, a stand alone mode, capacity to transform any data in any code : DataMatrix, logo, serial numbers etc. The result is an extremely (high) good quality marking on all metals and most of plastics.

Technifor Micro-Percussion Machines

Micor-Percussion Machines

Micro-Percussion equipment is available in 3 different configurations to meet even your most exacting production requirements.

Select your configuration to discover the right line of Technifor marking machines

  • Integrable machines
  • Stand alone machines
  • Portable Machines

Scribing Machines

Scribing Machines

Quality Marking Without the Noise

Scribing machines use a hardened pin to mark the surface of components. Compared with MicroPercussion, scribed marks have a smoother, more continuous appearance. The marks therefore benefit from a higher quality appearance and the marking process is quieter. Controllers and programming software are the same as for Technifor's rapid indent machines.
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