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technifor permanent marking solutions

Leader in  Permanent Marking Solutions

Since 1938, Gravotech brands have been global leaders in the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative solutions for engraving, marking and artistic modeling.

Gravotech offers a complete line of engraving systems, machines, and materials for all of your engraving applications.

With over 40 000 machines installed worldwide, a proven global supplier of industrial marking equipment and verification solutions for in-line, stand-alone and mobile applications.

Gravotech offers four separate but complementary software solutions: TypeEdit for CNC rotary machines, LaserType for laser machines, 3DESIGN: the 3D artistic CAD solution, Type3 CAAV5 Based: dedicated to CATIA software.

All Gravotech products are backed by superior quality, ease of serviceability, and over 70 years of experience leading the industry. Visit for more information.

Gravotech Laser Machines

Integrable Galvo Laser Markers

Gravotech offers a wide choice of laser marking machines designed for integration into production lines or manufacturing process. They meet industrial standards and provide high-quality markings in short cycle times. Gravotech galvo lasers are the ideal solution for Direct Part marking, there are no consumables and no maintenance required. The total cost of ownership is much more attractive compare to labelling or inkjet solutions.

Gravotech Laser Machines

Laser Stations and Tables

Gravotech laser engravers and laser cutters are designed to engrave, mark or laser cut on practically any materials, sizes and shapes.

Gravotech offers the choice between these 2 laser technologies: Galvanometric marking station for speed or XY table for a large working area and cutting quality.

Laser sources can also be picked between CO2, Fiber, Hybrid, Green and even a combination of CO2+Fiber in the same laser table!

Scribing Machines

Scribing Machines

Quality Marking Without the Noise

Marking by dot peen and scribing offer permanent, tamper-proof marking. Gravotech marking systems are designed to be integrated into any production process, to directly mark all metallic and plastic parts, whatever the shape or surface finish. Gravotech invented dot-peen marking in 1981 to meet the growing coding and identification needs of industrial parts.  Gravotech offers several technologies: pneumatic, electromagnetic, or scribing. Gravotech dot peen marking and scribing marking systems offer permanent, legible, and deep marking on metals and plastics at a low purchase cost and high return on investment.

Scribing Machines


Software from Cutting and Engraving Experts

Create your engraving and cutting paths, pilot your machines, design your 3D jewellery, Anything is possible!

Gravotech's CAD/CAM software range, TypeEdit, and TYPE3-CAA are conceived to ease the transition between the world of graphic ideas and a manufacturing process. Create a 3D rendering of moulds, prototypes, medals, and more. TYPE3-CAA is an add-on to CATIA®.

Gravostyle, Lasertrace, and ABC are our CAD and piloting software for Gravotech machines. Design your engraving jobs using texts, vectors, symbols, and variables. Compatible with personalization, signage, and traceability applications. Available for all experience levels.

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